Costumes for the Hobbit - The Battle of Five Armies

The Hobbit films have a large fan base and the third movie in the series, The Battle of Five Armies, shows the return of some of the favorite characters that people love. 

If you're looking for who to dress up as for Halloween, there are plenty of character costumes to choose from that are patterned after The Hobbit films. The first character costume is Galadriel's, the royal elf. 

Her costume is relatively easy, and also recognizable. It includes a simple white dress with a length that stops at the ankles. The sleeves are short, but the dress comes with the flowing material around the arms that were also seen in the movie so they look bigger. 

The dress has a high neckline and the bodice may have simple beading on it. The costume comes with a silver headpiece and may or may not include matching shoes.

The leader of Dwarves, Elves, and men in The Battle of the Five Armies is Thorin Oakenshield. His costume comes with a tabard that has an attached jacket similar to the one worn by Thorin in the movie. 

The jacket stops just below the knees and has silver arms and a high collar. The costume includes a belt for the waist and molded armor for the chest and wrists. The costume may also include a beard and mustache similar to Thorin's and a wig.

The next character is Legolas, the son of King Thranduil. The character costume for Legolas comes with a purple and gray jacket that stops just above the knees. It also includes a dark purple cloak that stops at the ankles and can be tied in the front around the neck. 

The costume also comes with boots and a belt. The costume may also include a blond wig with braids near the front that are similar to the braids Legolas has in the movie, but the majority of the costumes are sold without including the wig. The costume may also include a bow and arrows depending on the maker of the costume.

One of the most popular characters in The Hobbit is Gandalf the wizard. His costume is an ankle length robe of dark blue. The sleeves of the robe go down to the wrists and are very loose. 

The costume also includes a thin brown belt that can be adjusted around the waist. It also comes with black boots with a slight heel and a gray wizard's hat with a pointed end. 

The costume may also include a curly gray wig with a matching beard that stops mid-chest. The costume does not come with a plastic sword or staff similar to the ones Gandalf is seen with in the movies, so you'll want to look for that separately.

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