Maleficent Halloween Costumes

The Disney movie Maleficent has been a huge hit and it's full of characters to dress up as this Halloween. Whether you want to go as Maleficent or Prince Philip, there are plenty of costumes depicting good or evil characters to choose from.

The Maleficent costume includes a black or purple dress that has a standup collar like is shown in the movie. Some of the dresses come with a slit in the front from the ankle to just above the knee. Others also have a sculpted brooch on the front. The dresses have loose and billowing sleeves and tight waistlines. 

The Maleficent costumes may also include a crow prop or a staff. The costume also has a headpiece with horns similar to the ones Maleficent wore in the movie. The headpieces are usually large enough to hold hair back and up off the neck. 

The costumes for adults are close to ankle-length while the costumes for tweens are closer to knee-length. The costumes may also include a bright red apple or a crown. If they don't and you desire these items, they can be bought as separate pieces.

For Aurora costumes, you can find a couple of different styles. One is a simple pale blue dress. Most of the dresses include gold trim around the wrists, hemline, waistline, and collar. The dress stops about knee-length for children and teens. 

Other Aurora costumes are gold dresses with pink flowers on the front. The costume may include a gold headpiece and matching shoes. On adults, the gold dress stops just below the knee and has gold trim around the collar, waistline, and wrists.

For the King Stefan costumes, you can find a standard blue outfit with a belt. Some King Stefan costumes include a crown similar to the one in the movie and a cloak that fastens. 

Other King Stefan costumes come with a red outfit that has gold trim down the center and at the cuffs. Some of the King Stefan costumes come with boots or a sword and shield.

For a Prince Philip costume, you can find ones that include a simple long-sleeve white shirt, vest, and riding cloak. Some Prince Philip costumes include boots and a hat or a belt. Some costumes also come with a sword or shield, or both.

Princess Leila costumes include a dress similar to the one Princess Leila wore on her throne. The bodice may have beads and there may be some trim may be on the arms, but these costumes can differ. Some Princess Leila costumes include a standup collar similar to the one seen in the movie while others don't. You might also find some that have the jeweled headpiece like Princess Leila wore or ones that come with the necklace. 

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