Robocop Halloween Costumes

Anyone who has seen RoboCop knows what an action packed movie it is. It's filled with great characters and has some fantastic costumes in it even though many of the characters are dressed in everyday clothing. The clothes look like the character. 

You can usher in Halloween in style as the character of Alex Murphy superbly played by Joel Kinnaman. Just like his character of RoboCop, you too, can look like a futuristic hero. The Halloween costume for him definitely takes its cue from the movie as far as looking like it.

It's a jumpsuit that's made of 100% polyester and it'll need to be hand washed. The mask of course, isn't made of polyester. It's made of pvc so that it can retain its helmet shape. The mask has one long eye view slot rather than individual eyeholes. This makes it stay true to the one depicted in the movie. 

When you purchase this costume, you also get the black police gloves that are flared at the bottom. These gloves will cover the majority of the forearm. Also in keeping with the costume realistic appearance, it comes with the white shin guards. These guards look like metal. Choosing a size for the costume is easy because you get three choices of small, medium or large. 

Since most Halloween costumes tend to run a size smaller, you might want to order up a size from what you normally wear. You especially want to do this with jumpsuit costumes to make sure that they'll fit comfortably. Overall, the RoboCop costume will definitely be a contest-winning outfit for whoever wears it. 

There is a female version of the costume and it has that same futuristic design. This costume is a thigh length dress that's made of material that will shimmer when the light hits it. It comes with a snug choker collar that has a RoboCop design on it. 

With this costume, you will not get a helmet like you would with the men's version of the costume. But you do get an eye mask in silver. Long black gloves are included and these extend over the elbow. Shoes or boots are not included with the outfit, but the boot covers are. This costume comes in a medium or small size only. 

If you wanted to go as Dr. Dennett Norton, the scientist who was responsible for bringing about RoboCop, the costume would be more simplistic. This costume is a white lab coat, a dress shirt and slacks, a dark tie and glasses. 

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