Sons of Anarchy Halloween Costumes

The show Sons of Anarchy features an outlaw motorcycle club with the main protagonist Jackson "Jax" Teller played by Charlie Hunnam. The show is extremely popular and the Halloween costumes for the characters in high demand, so get yours early so that you don't miss out.

If you want to spend some serious cash, there are some licensed apparel pieces that you can buy as separates. One of these is the leather jacket that has the words "Sons of Anarchy" across the top of the back. 

Below that is the skeletal design that's featured prominently on the show. You want to make sure that the character you choose to dress up as looks the part from head to toe.

Jax often wears jeans and sneakers instead of the black lace up combat boots like some of the other characters. Though there's been some flak about that among fans, it's the differences that can make a character stand out. 

His costume is a pair of worn blue jeans, a pair of white sneakers like the ones he wears on the show and a Sons of Anarchy jacket. The shoes that the women wear tend to be high heeled go go boots like the ones that Gemma Teller Morrow wears. 

You can find these in black or brown. Her costume is a black jacket with chains hanging off the right sleeve. She frequently uses a purse that has a long fringe at the bottom. She wears blue jeans and a large cross necklace. You can buy a feathered wig done in her hairstyle as a separate piece. 

Remember that you want the costumes to look as authentic as possible. So if you have a bunch of friends or colleagues all going as some of these characters, like Tig, Otto, Opie, Clay or Juice, remember that you'll see some of the men on the show wearing their wallets on chains. Other accessories are black belts with studs and tattoos. You can either get temporary tattoos or buy the biker sleeve tattoos. 

If you're looking to dress up as Tara Knowles played by Maggie Sif, her costume consists of a pair of black pencil leg pants and a gray tank top shirt. She also wears calf high boots and a black leather looking jacket with the zipper off center. She also sometimes wears green scrubs. 

If you want the costume for Bobby Munson played by Mark Boone Jr., what stands out the most is his scraggly hair and beard. So you'll want to make sure that you have the wig pieces to go with the costume. His clothes are dark pants, work boots, dark long sleeved shirt and vest. 

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