Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Halloween Costumes

The heroes in shells are back as the beloved crime fighters that thrilled kids of all ages. Though the movie was darker and more angst-riddled than the original cartoon show, the Turtles are just as fun and easy to root for. 

They also looked cool in their costumes while they worked to fight evil. You can get costumes for all the Turtles this Halloween. Plus, you can also get some of the accessories to go with the outfits. 

If Raphael is the character that you want to choose, you get that particular Turtle jumpsuit in dark green. It also has the tan torso piece just like the character has. There are also brown designs at the ankles, knees, wrists and elbows like you would see in the movie. 

The shoe covers that come with this costume are actually not separate, they're part of the jumpsuit. To wear them, you just slide your shoe right into the half opening. 

The shell that's included is part of the costume and does cover the entire back. The design on that is made to look like the original character's shell. The mask that you'll get included in the costume is plastic rather than cloth. 

The length and width of it does cover the entire face, but it doesn't have a back to it. Instead, there's a strap that goes around the head to hold it into place. The red eye mask the character has is made as a part of the mask so it doesn't come off. 

The Leonardo costume is also available. This costume is a jumpsuit as well but is designed a bit differently than Raphael's is. It has the torso that's also made of the molded plastic. It comes with attachable elbow and kneepads to look realistic. 

There's an attachable belt as well. The mask is plastic with holes for the mouth and eyes. You'll often see photos of this costume with Leonardo holding the katana. Though it's shown it doesn't come as part of it but a lot of the advertisements don't make that clear. You can, however, buy it as a separate piece. 

The Michelangelo costume is a jumpsuit but it's made in a lighter green color than the others are. It also has the torso shell portion along with the back shell. The shoe covers and mask are included. 

There are toddler and adult versions of these costumes available. If you want some accessories for the costumes, you can buy the Turtle nun chucks, the katana, or the combat gear. 

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