Transformers - Age of Extinction Costumes

The Transformers movies have featured several reccurring characters that have become favorites, especially the Transformers themselves. Whether you're looking for a male or female costume, there are plenty of ones to choose from this Halloween.

One of the most popular Transformers in the movie franchise, Optimus Prime, has many costumes available, for both kids and adults. The childrens' version of the Optimus Prime costume is a blue jumpsuit that has red flames on the arms and legs. 

The costume includes a chest piece that's fitted over the shoulders. The chest piece is decorated similarly to the jumpsuit with red flames. Some of the chest pieces come with a reflective area on the left side, which is great for keeping up with your kids in the dark and making them more visible to traffic. 

The costume also includes the Optimus Prime mask and some include an arm-mounted toy weapon that can also reflect light. You can find some of the costumes with Optimus Prime gloves for children. For toddlers, you can get ones with an Optimus Prime face mask that only covers half the face and has wider eye holes.

Adult Optimus Prime costumes are similar to the childrens' costumes the feature the beloved Autobot. The adult costume is a blue jumpsuit with red flames and details that make it look like Optimus Prime. 

The strap on chest piece also has the same reflective areas. The adult costume comes with an Optimus Prime mask, but not the arm-mounted toy weapon that the children's costume has. 

The Optimus Prime costumes for women are a spandex dress with a petticoat. The costume also includes gloves, leg covers, and an Optimus Prime headpiece. The one drawback is that the costumes for women often don't include the facemask that's in male and children's costumes.

In Transformers: Age of Extinction, Rescue Bots are featured. You can find Rescue Bot costumes for both adults and children. The costumes are blue and gray jumpsuits with realistic looking padding in the chest, arms, and legs. The jumpsuit features the Transformers logo on the chest and includes a soft headpiece that covers half the face.

Some of the costumes come with a claw or pincer on the right or left hand. The claw or pincer looks like metal, but it's soft like the headpiece. Other Rescue Bot costumes are red jumpsuits with padding in the chest and arms. 

The jumpsuits have detailing on them. These costumes come with fabric headpieces that come halfway down the face. The headpieces are similar in style to the make of firefighter hardhats. 

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