Walking Dead Halloween Costumes

Millions of viewers love the show Walking Dead and wait on the edge of their seats for each new episode. It's a fantastic show that grips you right from the start. There are plenty of Halloween costumes for these characters that can make you look like you just stepped onto the set of the hit show.

Rick Grimes, played by Andrew Lincoln, is the star of the show and his character plays a police officer. His costume is a shirt and pants like the ones that you see on the show. Both the short sleeved tan shirt and the dark pants are 100% polyester and have to be hand washed. 

The shirt comes with the law enforcement patches on both sides of the sleeves. These patches contain the Sheriff's Department insignia. The shirt with the costume also has the law enforcement collar insignia. 

Some of the costumes for this character do include the black belt with the uniform. This belt has a gun holster as well as a holder for the nightstick. You'll find ones that include the hate as well as the gold Sheriff's star. 

The fake bloody axe and Sheriff's gun are not included with most of the costumes so you'll need to check before you buy. Of course, the show is filled with other memorable characters too. Many fans remember the little girl zombie. 

Her costume is a pink robe along with a nightie and matching shorts. The bunny slippers that she wears are included as part of the costume. But the bedraggled teddy bear she hauls around is not. 

You'll have to get that separately. You'll also need to purchase the zombie makeup separately if you want to recreate the dark circles under the eyes as well as the image of the flesh rotting away. 

Often on the Walking Dead show, viewers see different adult characters as decomposing zombies. You can also find their costumes. What you get with one of these is the molded chest top. 

This has the sickly hue to the fake skin. Plus, it also has holes in the skin piece that shows the blood tinged muscles below. The torso is a one piece costume that's attached to a ragged blue shirt that's open at the chest and has jagged sleeve ends. 

The pants are not included with the costumes but you can just wear an old pair of worn out blue jeans. The costume does come with the zombie mask that has misshaped eyeholes and rotting places on the skull.

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