Crystals and Gemstones

Since pre-recorded history, stones and crystals have been used for their healing powers. Prehistoric men wore rocks of various shapes, sizes and colors and have even used them as tools. 

And many years after, royalties mainly used these materials as necklaces and adornments, even turning them into crowns! 
Now, gemstones and crystals are everywhere!

In the ebook: "A Guide To Crystals And Gemstones"

you will find a lot of information on this subject, such as:

The difference between Crystals and Gemstones? 
Stones of Healing 
Fashionable Minerals 
The Beginning of Crystals and Gems 
Treatments for Gemstones and Crystals 
Gemstones as Trinkets or Lucky Charms 
The Crystals And Gemstones Awareness 
Proven Science and Practical Self-Improvement Alternatives 
The Vibrational Patterns 
The Man Who Started It All: Swarovski Crystals and Gems 
The Swarovski Dream 
Highlights on Swarovski Colors 
Hollywood Stars Wearing Crystals and Their Gemstones 
Do Crystals And Gems Really Give Curative Effects? 
Crystals & Their Meanings 
How to Choose Your Crystal 
Caring for Crystals 
The Benefits Of Crystals And Gemstones 
Their Very Own Unique Properties 
The Embodiment Of Unique Healing Properties 
Facts And Tips 
Healing crystals and stones 
How to select the right gemstones 

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